Artists from the underground scene, all searching for meaning and beauty, are on occasion invited to take the stage at Eva B. These newcomers to the art world write songs and plays and create visual art, even mixing genres.

Eva B. wants to provide a polymorphic atmosphere where talent is discovered, revealed and heard.

Event Calendar

Montreal Highlights Festival's All-nighter

Date : Saturday March 1st, 2008

3/3 = 1

Up on the second floor, find three artists with one thing in common: visual art. They reveal facets of their colourful universe with illustrations on drum skins and largeformat photography and screen-printing. Meet Aimee Van Drimmelen; painter and illustrator, Lori Perron; photographer and Dayna Gedney visual artist.

Montreal "pinhole" portraits

An exhibition of portraits of Montreal artists by Caroline Desilets and Ghyslain Godon. Taken with a pinhole camera, Caroline's photographs are studied by Ghyslain, who answers her images with his own outrageous paintings. The whole night is enhanced by live music from local bands. Celebrate local art!

You, your hero, and a camera!

From Madonna to Marilyn: become your hero for a moment and immortalize it forever. Come to Eva B, choose from their wide array of costumes, dress to impress, and have your studio photo taken for posterity!

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