French Girl Look: Hone Your Inner French Girl

French women do value quality over quantity of pieces in the name of fashion. It usually lasts for a while that French style becomes popular with a touch of being classic and timeless. Below are the key elements to be able to create the most-loved French girl look.

1. The look comes naturally

The French woman never exerts too much effort in her looks. It just comes out naturally. Sher knows how to blend the fundamental basics and look effortlessly chic. 

2. Practical shoe type

It may look stunning, but a French girl does not generally wear high heeled shoes as she walks to and fro through the day. Invest in flat shoes such as ballet flats or loafer that work with various styles, and you are all set. Heels worn mostly by the French girl during events are preferably kitten heels. Indeed, French women are an excellent daily reminder of how to look stylish with a simple pair of flats.

3. Minimalism in jewelry

Big pieces of jewelry aren’t usually a cup of tea for the French girl. She won’t be rocking huge accessories instead-but relatively, and she is good at carrying the classic delicate pieces for keeps.

4. A versatile black dress

For the French girl, a black dress appropriate for work, which may be topped by a blazer in the evening, is effortlessly amazing.

5. Minimal colors

The French girl’s style of fashion is mostly a classic neutral color. Bold colors are not what you usually see her wearing.

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